Not giving in!

Struggling with weight control? Tried every diet on earth? The Glycemic Index, Low-Carbs, etc...

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Not giving in!

Postby livinglife18 » Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:20 am

I was only diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year and at 17 years old(at the time) I was really shocked to have this massive burden placed on my shoulders at such a young age. I knew it was coming as my pubescent times werent right, something was just wasnt right but i couldnt put my finger on it. It was a very quick diagnosis, i knew within a week that i had PCOS and that was it really. My consultant is an unhelpful brute and wasnt very sensitive to the fact that he had told me I would struggle to have children in the future. At 5ft6ins, 13 st 3lbs and with a BMI of 30.3 i was obese and that was a major thing for me. Weight has always been an issue for me but recently i had been piling the pounds on at an unusually fast rate and it was beginning to take its tole on me. I have already suffered with depression due to my childhood but the weight gain only made me worse. The weight gain was also putting its strain on my relationship with my long term boyfriend, who is still standing by my side today. I could tell that he was looking at me different, i was still attractive to him but i wasnt the same slim size 10 girl that he originally met back in 2011. My weight soared and i reached size 18. My tipping point. I was becoming breathless and getting very ill and i knew it was time to change, not only for my family and my boyfriend but most importantly for me and my health. I started my weight loss adventure in April and since then i have lost just under 3 and a half stone, and got back down to my size 10 frame that i feel my most comfortable in, my confidence has soared and my relationship has gotten alot better since, my boyfriend has been a rock during this PCOS bombshell- taking me to the gym with him, training with me, atttending all my scans and appointments, motivating me and being my shoulder to cry on when reality kicks in. Ive read alot of pages slating women with PCOS for being lazy with weightloss and "pretending" that they cant lose weight because they dont want to. LIES. weight loss IS a struggle for women with PCOS but it is possible, you just have to reach your personal tipping point. Although my confidence has rocketed and i feel better in myself, i havent experienced many PCOS related health benefits. I have Alopecia as a result of PCOS and I havent had a period in 5 months. I can count the amount of periods ive had since i was 13 on 2 hands. At such a young age i didnt expect to have to deal with this, and have to deal with it for the rest of my life and at the moment fertility is really playing on my mind but i have so much support around me that i will be okay! So ladies my message to you is NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN, KEEP ON GOING! :P hope your all happy and healthy! livinglife18 x x
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Re: Not giving in!

Postby wrigglepup » Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:50 pm

Well done on losing the weight!, you have a great attitude! There is a lot of ignorance about pcos which doesn't help, I've only just excepted it and doing something about it. I tell people why I eat what l do, I don't have milk out of the coffee machine cause of the sugar in it and I tell them at work why! It's funny cause they are all men! X
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