Vegan low carb

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Vegan low carb

Postby Babykeys32 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:27 pm


Just wondering if any one else has tried this? I have heard a lot of women with PCOS have a lot of success on low carb diets for weight loss, symptom control and fertility. The only thing is I am vegan, and have been for years. I think the large amount of carbs i eat in grains fruit and vegetables is contributing to my insulin resistance.

So I wanted to try a low carb diet. It is extremely restrictive. At the moment I am living off low carb veg, soy products, nuts and seeds, avocados, vegan mayo etc

So an example of what im eating ( it does vary):

Bfast: mushrooms, veggie sausage, avocado and mayo
Lunch: a big salad with either avocado or tofu and a low carb dressing with some seeds
Snack: Handful of almonds OR some tofu
Dinner: Either some kind of veggie burger or sausages with steamed vegetables OR shredded courgette in home made pesto sauce OR salad OR some kind of spicy tofu/tempeh scramble or last weekend i made a curry from coconut milk and low carb curry paste. My DH had rice and i had some spinach on side.

I am also staring metformin in a weeks time.

I have lost 7lb in first week but to be honest it only took me 2 weeks to gain that in the first place.

HUGE SUCCESS however in that i have started my period after 7 days of this diet - first period in almost 6 months. I have also noticed my facial hair has slowed down quite a bit, and im a bit less bloated.

I just wondered if anyone else had tried anything similar?

Thank you!! xx

PS: please dont tell me to eat meat, as i wont be doing that. Other then my PCOS problems i am perfectly healthy and doing fine on a vegan diet. This is just an experiment to see how i do on less carbs

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Re: Vegan low carb

Postby Mrs_T » Wed Aug 13, 2014 2:11 pm

HI, I'm not vegan but am vegetarian and I reduced my carbs last year when I wanted to lose weight. I experimented a bit with eliminating dairy as I know that can help PCOS so for a while I was basically vegan apart from eating eggs. I did shift the weight and my PCOS symptoms all improved but I haven't been able to stick with it longer and am eating dairy again now. I read a good article today about plant based protein that may be of interest I love the recipes on this website and mywholefoodlife is another good one with vegan recipes. Just one word of caution about processed soya products as there's a lot of debate about them from a health perspective, is worth reading up on. Good luck x
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Re: Vegan low carb

Postby Babykeys32 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:50 pm

Thank you for taking the time to reply, i really appreciate it. I had a bit of a funny turn the other day...went very low sugar and fainted, and heart was beating VERY fast. So i have returned to my normal diet. back to the drawing board...

I have just been given met so i am going to try that along side a normal, balanced, vegan diet. I am also going to ask the doc tonight about progesterone cream, inositol, cinnamon and chromium as im curious if i can combine these with met.

I was interested in topamax/spironolactone but i dont want to risk it if i was to get pregnant as it seems they are harmful to a new baby. I also considered for a while going back on dianette for symptom control but i don't see the point if i will have to come off it again to get pregnant. I only want long term solutions...

But yeah the diet thing...i reckon low carb is fine for some people and seems to get good results but it is not sustainable on a vegan diet, and i simply cannot stomach meat or dairy so...i will have to find something else!! Maybe 5:2? Might ask doc about that also.

Have a lovely day, anyone who is reading this :) It helps just to type it all out sometimes...

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Re: Vegan low carb

Postby Coral » Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:37 pm


It sounds like you have a very healthy diet and I'm sure you'll lose weight if you continue to eat a mainly plant based diet. I reckon if you cut out carbs it'll just be too many restrictions overall and will be impossible to maintain. I wouldn't advise any additional medications and definitely not the pill whilst ur ttc. Just stick it out and up your exercise as this worked for me!

Good luck :P
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Re: Vegan low carb

Postby Longlegs » Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:00 pm

Ok I'm not 100% vegan. I eat organic chicken, gammon and beef. I will not eat wheat, potatoes, anything with gluten. I don't eat anything processed like a chicken nugget or a sausage etc. Most days consist of tuna salad, nakd bars, fruit (dried fruit like apricots, this is literally every snack) more salad, avocado, stir fry, mushrooms, peppers, courgettes. If we go out for dinner I ask for the vegan / gluten free meal and this usually stumps people lol. Anyway 2 years of that and I've lost nearly 9 stone!
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Re: Vegan low carb

Postby Alivander » Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:52 am

Longlegs wrote:Ok I'm not 100% vegan. I eat the testo fuel organic chicken, gammon and beef.

So you're not even 1% vegan then lol.

Anyway, I think the low carb diet is great. But you'll need to get some more protein and good fats because you need to get some calories from somewhere.

I also recommend looking up intermittent fasting as that goes great with a low carb diet. Just don't do a low carb diet for too long, say 6-8 weeks before having a break from it.
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