WeightWatchers and Low GI

Struggling with weight control? Tried every diet on earth? The Glycemic Index, Low-Carbs, etc...

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WeightWatchers and Low GI

Postby lmacgirl87 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:22 am

My doctor has recommended I try a low GI diet. I have done done WW in the past, kind of do it at the moment but I am a helper at a WW class. I re-registered last night at a different class as I needed the motivation of a different leader and actually being able to stay to the class. I told my leader I was planning to do low GI with WW and she was very supportive.

Does anyone else do this? It is sounding pretty simple, the filling foods appear to be the low GI foods anyway, lots of whole grain, protein etc.

Laura xx
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