Hello again! Metformin and also the Gabriel Method.. (phew)

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Hello again! Metformin and also the Gabriel Method.. (phew)

Postby Lamb » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:25 pm

***Warning long post alert!***

Hi gals (and guys!),

Long time no speak for me, it's been a good few months since I've been following things on here.. Work has been manic and I've finally saved up enough to buy a flat (hooray!) So here I am and thought I would let you all know what I've been up to and see how you're all getting on...

I've been on Metformin (SR) now for 1 year now and have been getting a a regular period ever since startng it. Periods came back initially at 33 days, then 30/31 days for months and then this past month I have gone back to a 28 day cycle, which is real joy (hah never thought I'd be pleased to have periods when I was 18!).. So am hoping I can keep at 28 days on going. Also, finally the PMS symptoms I get have reduced somewhat, the anger and emotional responses I was taking out on my OH have got better and he even commented I seem to be in a much better mood the last few months :oops: I feel less like bursting into tears all the time and not like I want to punch someone for a week before I get my period! :)

I've also not put on a any weight at all in the last year since starting taking it, so I am delighted as leading up to it I steadily gained 3 stone over about 2/3 years :) However, the weight has not gone down yet either and I seem to be stuck at 11 stone (69 kilos) with most of the fat around my middle (oh joy the apple shape!) which isn't ideal at just 5ft1" tall. I need to lose about 2 stone + to be back in the normal/healthy range (says my GP), but I have just found it impossible to shift this weight. I eat a fairly low GI/GL diet already, I space my meals out (little and often), I'm vegetarian (but eat fish, lots of soya, bio yoghurt) and eat pretty healthily about 90% of the time (I have wine and crisps now and again!), I walk every day, ride my bike at weekends and am active enough without playing any sports/going to the gym etc... So have been pretty frustrated that I can't seem to shift this 2 stone at all, it's like it's stuck to me with super glue or something! :(

Recently I came across this book called The Gabriel Method - have any of you guys read it/seen it? For the first time I feel like I've found something really interesting regarding weight problems. He has developed this theory that our body / brain has 'Fat Programs' that are activated (usually) by stress factors and once they are 'switched on' its almost impossible to sustain a diet/weight loss plan without understanding why it got 'switched on' in the first place and then fixing that first. He suggests diets don't work, since they are based on starvation/restriction and because the body 'wants' to be fat then any diet is just going to offer some temporary loss and go back to 'fat' afterwards... Anyway there is a whole bunch of stress factors which can cause this and so he offers help with meditation CD's, visualisations, suggests you 'add' things to your daily habits rather than taking things away and there is a lot of emphasis for you to look/assess your emotional/mental wellbeing to see if these things which are helping to keep you fat (i.e. to protect yourself emotionally etc..).

Anyway, I've found it really interesting, and have been listening to the meditation thing on my ipod at night and trying to follow the visualisation's - so far I have to say I feel hugely more positive about life, and have definitely identified some areas of my life which I think have affected me (or turned on my Fat programs). I think maybe, it could work even.. *gasp*

Would love to hear if anyone else has done this/seen this or if you want to know any more...

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